One-Pound Lion

June 26, 2014

We’re happy to show off this golden new addition – a golden lion tamarin, that is.

At a little over a month old, this golden lion tamarin is wowing visitors at the park. Born on May 9, the youngster is still sticking close to mom’s side on exhibit.

In the wild, all the members of a golden lion tamarin group assist in the care of their young to help prepare the juveniles for families of their own. At the zoo, our family does the same. Collectively, its seven adult members look after the newest addition.

Although golden lion tamarins reach only ten inches tall, they are the largest of their taxonomic family, which includes other tamarin species and marmosets. Native to Brazil, golden lion tamarins are quickly disappearing in the wild, with only about 1,000 animals left. We’re encouraged to welcome another member of the species to the zoo.

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