Aww! Baby Marmoset Twins on Display at Prospect Park Zoo

February 5, 2014

Geoffroy’s marmoset twins have debuted at Animals in Our Lives, making history at the zoo, and headlines across the city.

We have no shortage of small, furry faces at the zoo, but the newest are guaranteed to make you coo: a pair of wide-eyed Geoffroy’s marmoset twins, born last November. We’re proud to announce the arrival of the duo, born to first-time parents Gordon and Xing. They’re the first set of Geoffroy’s marmosets to be born at the zoo, and the family of four is on exhibit at Animals in Our Lives. Already, the pair seem to be quite the media darlings!

Also known as “white-fronted marmosets,” these newcomers are native to rainforests in eastern Brazil. Since their habitats are at risk of deforestation, the animals are part of the Species Survival Plan to help boost populations.

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