Make Way for Baboon Babies

November 25, 2013

We’re excited to welcome two Hamadryas baboon babies, who were born just weeks apart from each other.

Congratulations, Rebecca and Kaia! The two female Hamadryas baboons are the proud mothers of babies. These are the troop’s first babies since 2010, both male, and both fathered by Bole. The first youngster was born on August 9 and the second on September 26.

The older of the two playful primates is already independent and intent to explore his new surroundings. The younger infant is nursing for now, but before long he will be just as adventurous as his half-sibling.

These highly social animals are native to northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and spend their time in rocky areas and cliffs. Come watch the baboon babies on exhibit with the whole gang at Animal Lifestyles.