Prospect Park Zoo Birthday Parties

Prospect Park Zoo birthday parties combine fun activities, arts and crafts, and visits to exhibits around the zoo, with your choice of animal themes. Parties are held in our spacious party room, located in the Discovery Center. Live animal guests will visit you there! A zoo educator plus one or two additional helpers will conduct the party activities and take care of all your party needs.

In addition to birthday activities, party packages include invitations and goody bags for the kids, as well as zoo admission. You supply the cake, juice, paper goods, and utensils. There is no refrigeration available.

"Enjoyed a wonderful program in our private room… a big hit with the little ones.” - TripAdvisor Review

Barnyard Bonanza

(Ages 3–5)

Join some of our barnyard buddies for a party filled with activities such as feeding the sheep, playing barnyard games, and petting an alpaca’s nose!

Colorful Critters

(Ages 3 - 5)

Why are animals brown and green, bright and beautiful, or snowy white? During this party, kids will explore the reasons behind the coloration of creatures from around the globe. They’ll also make a colorful creation to take home.

Discovery Party

(Ages 3–7)

Look, listen, touch, and smell! Learn how animals use their senses, then use your own senses to explore the Discovery Center. Afternoon times for this theme will be 2:00–3:30p.m. to guarantee private party time in the Discovery Center.

Scales and Trails

(Ages 6–9)

Here’s your chance to meet some of our scaly, slimy creatures that call the Zoo home. On your Zoo Scavenger Hunt you’ll encounter reptiles such as swimming turtles or slithering snakes, and amphibians like our poison dart frogs! This party will surely be a memorable one.

Sea Lion Celebration

(Ages 6–9)

Play sea lion training games, investigate the differences between seals and sea lions, and find out some fun facts about mammals. Visit our zoo kitchen to meet the keepers and watch them prepare a meal for our flippered friends!

Junior Keepers

(ages 7-11)

Why do some animals dig, climb, or crawl? Party goers will learn about why different animals act the way that they do and what zookeepers do to encourage those behaviors. As a birthday treat, you will also help prepare a tasty present for an exhibit animal and see them enjoy it!

Owl Bird-Day Party

(Ages 8–11)

Have a hoot looking at feathers, talons, and bones! Visit our zoo’s Great-horned owl exhibit and explore the cool ways owls survive in the wild. Get your hands dirty dissecting owl pellets like a scientist to discover what the owl ate for lunch, and then meet a real prey animal of an owl!

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