Animal Lifestyles

Meet the zoo’s mascots, a troop of Hamadryas baboons full of entertaining antics that will hold your attention like a good movie. Also in the lifestyles building, learn about animal habitats from treetops to mountains to flooded forests.

What To See and Do

Watch baboon theater.
Whether they’re play-fighting, grooming, snacking, or caring for their young, Simon, Moja, Bole, and their families always delight visitors.

Admire monkey manes.
You can't help but notice the golden lion tamarin’s flashy orange fur.

See fluffy kitties.
The zoo’s fluffy felines, Pallas cats Boris and Natasha, are built for the chilly climate of central Asia.

Hoot hello to the Scops owls.
White-faced scops owls fix their big, orange eyes on passersby. These African natives often perch high in the treetops of their exhibit.

Helping Disappearing Forests

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists work in South and Central America’s threatened forests to protect New World monkeys like the golden lion tamarins, which depend upon a healthy canopy for their survival. You can help save forests around the world, too, by using recycled paper, buying shade-grown coffee, and avoiding products made from teak, mahogany, or red cedar.